Bài mẫu và từ vựng chủ đề LEISURE TIME – IELTS Speaking Part 1

Cách học IELTS Speaking hiệu quả đó là việc chuẩn bị từ vựng trước khi nói vì từ vựng là một trong bốn tiêu chí chấm điểm Speaking. Do đó việc trau dồi từ vựng là rất quan trọng. Hôm nay, Anh ngữ UEC – địa chỉ học luyện thi IELTS uy tín tại Đà Nẵng sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn Bài mẫu và từ vựng chủ đề LEISURE TIME cho IELTS Speaking Part 1 – một chủ đề cực kỳ phổ biến đấy nhé!

Chủ đề LEISURE TIME cho IELTS Speaking Part 1

Các bạn có thể học cách trả lời hiệu quả thông qua việc tham khảo câu trả lời mẫu dưới đây nha!

I. Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 chủ đề LEISURE TIME

1. Do you like to spend your free time with families or friends?

  • Well, if I had to choose I would go with my family. I live far from my family because I have moved to the city to study at university for two years. Therefore, I take advantage of my free time to come back home and visit them.  

2. What do you do in your free time?

  • Well I enjoy a variety of activities such as playing badminton, reading books, and swimming. However, most of the time, I stick to books which always intrigue me somehow and provide me with a great deal of knowledge.
  • So I’m a fan of weight lifting so I’ve been doing it for a few years now. I feel like working out really helps me to look and feel much better.
  • Well, you know, so one of my leisure pursuits is playing the guitar. So I’ve played the guitar since I was an 8th grader. I think it’s a fantastic way to just unwind after a long day at work.

3. Do you think hobbies are important?

  • With today modern lifestyles, I feel like work and study are the nerve-racking part of our lives. And therefore hobbies are extremely necessary. We all need to blow off some steam, so that you know our minds are ready to take on new challenges.
  • I think hobbies and pastimes are of paramount importance in modern society, because nowadays life is incredibly hectic, and people are always up to the ears with work and deadlines. So, it’s important to do something in your leisure time to just chill and recover from all that stress.

4. Do you spend your free time at home or outside?

  • I would prefer to be at home in my leisure time because I feel peaceful and relaxed when I can read books in my room or watering my flower pots in the garden. However, hanging out with friends is a good idea, I also do it sometimes.
Bài mẫu và từ vựng chủ đề LEISURE TIME – IELTS Speaking Part 1

5. Which hobby you like to try in the future?

  • So I have acrophobia which is an extreme fear of height. So as crazy as it may seem, I really want to try sky-diving. Because, you know, I just wanna try something that is out of my comfort zone.
  • So in the future I would love to have a crack at extreme sports. It sounds crazy, you know, but I want to give sky-diving a try. I think free falling from enormous altitudes looks like a lot of fun.

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II. Từ vựng và cấu trúc IELTS Speaking Part 1 chủ đề LEISURE TIME

1. free time = leisure time = spare time: thời gian rảnh rỗi

2. I like + V_ing = I’m quite keen on + V_ing = I’m a big fan of + Ving: diễn tả việc thích làm gì đó

  • I’m quite keen on swimming in my spare time. 

3. leisure activity: hoạt động trong thời gian rảnh

  • One of my favorite leisure activities is dancing because it makes me happy when I can listen to music and move my body at the same time.

4. appeal (v): hấp dẫn

  • Skiing really appeals to young people, including me.

5. intrigue (v) somebody: làm cho ai đó thích thú, hứng thú

  • Books always intrigue me somehow and provide me with a great deal of knowledge

6. recreational activity: hoạt động giải trí

  • Fishing, in general, is considered as more of an outdoor recreational activity.

7. take part in = join = participate: tham gia

  • Taking part in sports give you a strong desire to win. 

8. once in a while = sometimes: thỉnh thoảng

9. a piece of cake: dễ như ăn kẹo

  • I’m keen on playing badminton because it’s like a piece of cake to me.

10. once in a blue moon: hiếm khi

  • I also hang out with my friends in my free time, but just once in a blue moon.

11. leisure pursuit (n) thú vui theo đuổi

  • Gambling is also a modern leisure pursuit.

12. to unwind: thư giãn

  • I’m just going to watch some TV and unwind.

13. nerve-racking (adj) căng thẳng

  • My wedding was the most nerve-racking thing I’ve ever experienced.

14. to blow off some steam (idiom): giải tỏa căng thẳng (lưu ý: không dùng blow off her/his/my/… steam)

  • Call me any time you need to blow off some steam.

15. up to the ears (idiom): bận ngập đầu

  • I’m sorry I can’t come out this weekend – I’m up to my ears in work.

16. to take on new challenges: đón nhận những thử thách mới

  • I’m so ready to take on new challenges in the new year of 2021.

17. sky-diving (n) nhảy dù

18. to have a crack at (= to try/ to give something a try) thử cái gì

  •  I’ve never played baseball before but I’ll have a crack at it

19. to be out of one’s comfort zone: ra khỏi vùng an toàn (cái gì đó hoàn toàn mới mẻ)

  • Sometimes you have to be out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

20. hectic (adj) = very busy: rất bận

21. to be a big fan of something (= like something): là fan cuồng của điều gì đó

  • So I’m a big fan of weight lifting so I’ve been doing it for a few years now.

22. to be of great/paramount importance: quan trọng (khi muốn nhấn mạnh)

  • Women’s role as mothers is of paramount importance to society.

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